"Sins will not disappear, all you can do is bear them. Even if alone, you fight as long as you live!" Yuuki Joji


"Yeah, we still believe in all the things that we stood by before.
And after everything we’ve seen, maybe even more
I know we’re not the only ones
And we were not the first
And unapologetically
We stand behind each word…”


Kamen Rider Faiz Ep 02 | Takumi and Mari talking about dreams at the beach

"Can I ask you one thing?"

"It’ll need an answer, right?"

"Why are you traveling?"

"I have no dreams. That’s why."

"I have a dream. I want to be a beautician. When I get to Tokyo, I already have a place picked out."

"Is that so? Work hard."



V3 is still not just about revenge

… Okay, I feel like I gotta set a record straight.

Now, people often advertise V3 as a character who seeks vengeance against Destron. Even Generation Kikaida advertised V3 this way.
(Hell, I remember this one thread on /m/ board (yeah, I know, /m/) that got upset at Kamen Rider Spirits because how they think its dumb that Kazami says Riders shouldn’t just fight for revenge.)

But… If you actually watch the show, that is the case. Atleast, it isn’t at all that simple.

When Kazami wanted to become a cyborg like the Double Riders, they made it pretty clear as you can see, that seeking revenge cannot be his only reason. Being a Kamen Rider in the Showa era is a lifetime commitment and sacrifice of all else before others.
Its not something that you can make rash decisions of, especially when all you want to do with the power is for personal gain.

Kazami became V3 when he sacrificed himself to save others, and proved he has the potential of being a Rider. Kazami himself visited the graves of his family later to beg their forgiveness and decides to fight evil and protect others.

Riderman, from the later period of the show, also pushed this point home.
Riderman, Joji Yuki, was only motivated for seeking revenge against Marshal Armour and gaining back Destron’s favour, of which Kazami strictly argues against, as Yuki is now entering a fight that is much larger with much heavier consequences, which his manpain doesn’t suffice as an answer.

The show then in a symbolic gesture showcased how much of a fool’s endeavor Yuki’s chase was, as Destron reveals its true nature to Yuki. At the end, seeking revenge was not worth it.

Quite telling is also when Riderman was finally proclaimed as a real Kamen Rider is not when he help defeating the villains, but when he chose to sacrifice himself to save millions.

Kamen Rider is not about revenge, or atleast revenge is not the primary motivator.
Hongo didn’t fight Shocker for revenge, he fought because he didn’t want humanity to suffer under Shocker like he and so many others did, ditto for Ichimonji, and its the same here as well.

Kamen Rider has, is, and will always be about overcoming tragedy and turn it into something that can help and benefit others.

Reblogging this forever until this becomes common knowledge