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Tim Seeley talks a bit more about GRAYSON

Interviewer: What about writing 'Grayson' are you most excited about?

Tim Seeley: It's what I'm excited AND terrified about... the fact that Dick Grayson has such a long and storied history in superhero comics. He’s a household name. And, he's one of the best characters ever created in superhero comics... the first real sidekick with an identity all his own!

Interviewer: Is there anything that scares you about taking the character (Dick Grayson) in this new direction?

Tim Seeley: Yeah. Most everything. Because, by definition it relies on the personality and character of Dick over a costume. It's up to me, Tom, Mikel and the rest of the team to convince readers that the man is more important than the suit and the genre.

Interviewer: You talked about creating Grayson's "Joker or Lex Luthor" – Is this an established character or someone new? What emotion would encompass this new nemesis?

Tim Seeley: It's a new character. We realized he had to be someone who defined an aspect of Dick Grayson... a perfect foil in the way that Joker is the Chaos to Batman’s order. He has to be the mistrust to Dick’s faith.

Interviewer: In the USA Today article there is mention of 'Breaking Bad' and 'The Americans' – Will 'Grayson' be a darker character/book than before and if so how?

Tim Seeley: I don't think it's darker, per se... at least not in the way people tend to think of darker. There's not more gore or murder or whatever. In that way it's almost lighter actually. But, I think it's a bit more darker in its thematic issues, and its treatment of authority and trust.


SOURCE: http://www.newstalkflorida.com/tim-seeley-gives-more-details-on-grayson/